I’ve had my sleepytime tea so Im gonna go lay down and play my gundam phone game till I pass out

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I made a big post whining about shit but fuck that.

Can’t be letting myself get into those mindsets. Can’t think about myself the way my parents see me.

Just gotta do me, my way. But shit’s hard as fuck to do yo.

Scrap I/0 // NeoTokyo OST

25 year old Dominic’s accomplishments

  • i have a blog
  • I can root phones
  • Knowledgeable about customizing phone/computer desktop
  • Had the sex
  • Had a the gf
  • passed the high school decently
  • met and hung out with internet friends
  • wasn’t murdered by strangers posing to be internet friends



White people asking questions about my turban (part 3)


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Do mine 😝 I and by last night but y’all were gone, doing family Holliday stuff I assume.

Lmao ok! And yeah we were up at my grandparents until late in the evening helping them move in. We were barely getting into town and we saw you walking to your parents house. After that we were all in bed and asleep pretty much by 9 or something.

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